Located at Lebuh Presgrave (Penang Hokkien: Snar3-Tiau3 Lor33), a part of Georgetown city's area, the Seven Street Precinct. Seating up to 24 people directly off our open kitchen, guests can have a vista down onto Penang city’s historical, bustling inner-city while enjoying their meal —it is the dream and there's no other reason for being here.


" Nothing brings people together like good food."

We offer a creative, playful approach to our style of cuisine that pushes the boundaries of modern Malaysian dining. Seasonal flavors, locally sourced produce and fresh ingredients, made with care and resulting in interesting, sometimes adventurous dishes.

Regardless of a quick bite, delight in afternoon tea, or enjoy dinner and natural wines along with a conversation, we always have something for you.

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Growing up in this multicultural country, Chef Wagyu's interest in cooking is highly influenced and inspired by the local flavours he tastes ever since young. Having hosting as part of his side job has also added optimistic, outgoing and caring characteristics to his personal. He believes that happiness can be shared among people, whether through food, conversation, or even just a glass of wine.

" Food should be fun and shared among people you treasure."

It is his ultimate to deliver savoury creative cookings that please the ones who are tasting. Not only to get the customers' tummy full and satisfied, but also bring their mood up with the overall dining experience.

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We're seeking enthusiastic, fun, positive and hardworking personas who want to bring their passion and personalities to our restaurant and be part of the progressive steps.

- open positions -

kitchen commis

service crew (full-time/part-time)

The right person for this position will ideally be confident, responsible, and love conversations. A good base knowledge of wines and beverages and service experience is preferred.

Email us your CV now!


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gēn 根 is translated into 'ground roots', valuing the idea of keeping true to our roots using local ingredients. The birth of gēn 根 represents a fresh start to Chef Johnson, a  place where Malaysia’s quality local produce is fused with passion, culture and childhood memories, delivered with the best hospitality for your dining pleasure. 


A wine bar offers a specially curated selection of boutique winery labels to small-scale producers in a casual and cozy setting - as homey as your living room.

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Find them in Hin Bus Depot, an oyster bar for people to chill out. Also some various selections of wines, craft beers and snacks you may find it. Only open from Thursday to Sunday.

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